Your Security is our Business

Your employees and customers can be assured of their safety with the quality security services provided by K9 Security Protection.

  • Trained Dog Security Handlers
  • Mobile Patrol Units
  • Manned / Static Guarding
  • Event, Festival and Crowd Control
  • 24 Hour Remote CCTV Surveillance
  • Key Holding & Rapid Alarm Response
  • Commercial - Retail Store Security
  • Your Company - Employee ID Cards

Static Manned Security

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The responsibilities of a static security guard may include traffic control, gate keeping, foot patrols and CCTV monitoring. They prevent trespassing, vandalism and a large range of other offences in and around businesses and work sites. Some of these sites include, but are not limited to shopping centres, car parks, construction developments, office buildings, theme parks and museums.

Security Dog Handlers

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K9 Dog Handlers conduct full perimeter and site searches until they are satisfied the site is intruder free and security has not been breached. Our rapid response in combination with our k9 units allow us the ability to apprehend and detain offenders, providing a visual, psychological and physical deterrent.

Mobile Patrol Units

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Our security provision combines designated on-site security guards, highly visible security vehicles, k9 unit foot patrols, rapid response times and the latest patrol technologies. Our security officers can patrol the whole of the site where accessible; checking windows, doors, gates and internal / external boundaries.

Manned Gated Security

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Security gate officers have to determine the identity of every person that enters the property. They have to verify that the person is an employee of the company or an expected visitor. Security gate officers also have to make periodic checks around the perimeter, building exit points, and any other areas of concern. The guard's responsibility to record observation and incident reports and to bring them to the client.

CCTV Surveillance

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Surveillance cameras capture and transmit images back to our control room where they are recorded. Trained operatives monitor the live camera feeds to detect any criminal activity and take the appropriate action. Video surveillance cameras are increasingly harnessed for applications beyond crime detection, including traffic monitoring, crowd control and finding operational efficiencies in retail.

Key Holding Services

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K9 Security Protection can either manage the key holding and alarm response service for you, or instruct us to assist and accompany them in the event of a triggered alarm. Our Key holding service offers much more than just a response and property inspection. We communication with the emergency services and can organise repairs to secure property from vandalism or financial loss, which may reduce future business insurance premiums.